About Us

Our Mission


Our goal is to create a community of people who love children, their families and our planet. Through our organization we hope to better the lives of everyone at all socio-economic levels. This includes our customers, staff, families and the less fortunate.

How the MommyExchange.org Program Works

We have noticed that there is a lot of waste when it comes to kids’ clothes. Items sit in boxes and bags at donation centers that are exposed to the elements, disorganized and wasted.  Even in a best case scenario if the clothes make it to the donation centers, they are not used efficiently and many of these organizations do not get these items into the hands of people that really need them.

Most middle class families don’t have great options to get full value out of the beautiful clothes they have spent a lot of money on. These clothes are also not up-cycled in the most efficient way possible. MommyExchange.org is here to help. We want families to trade in their items for cash or store credit in order to retrieve the full value of their clothes. Just dropping clothes off at a donation site makes you wonder… “Where do these items end up? Are they getting into the hands of people who really need them?”  We make it easy and seamless to do this.  How you might ask?

It’s easy! Simply mail your gently used kids’ clothes and accessories to our address. If you live in the Las Vegas/ Henderson area, we will even come pick the items up for you. Items accepted for re-sale will be purchased from you. Those items will then be re-posted on our website at reasonable prices to help other families. You will then be given the choice of receiving cash for your items or store credit in order to shop for other items on our site. Items not accepted for resale will be donated to the many local charities that MommyExchange.org supports.  They will not end up in bags dumped inside of a grocery store parking lot.

We do our best to match the sizes of clothes to the needs of the children at each receiving organization. When we drop off bundles of clothing we also take other items to the groups based on their current needs, such as soaps, snacks, school supplies, etc. Each care package is tailored to the individual group. We want to make MommyExchange.org work for everyone in our community.

The charities that mommyexchange.org supports include:

  • Apple Grove Foster Care
  • Las Vegas Rescue Mission
  • Family Promise of Las Vegas
  • Shade Tree

Upon accepting your items, we’ll offer you a choice of either receiving your payment via store credit (always a little higher dollar amount), or else a straight cash trade in which case we will send you a check or payment via PayPal.  Our system is a win-win.  We help families retrieve as much value as possible, we help the less fortunate, we help the environment by upcycling and recycling our products and as our company grows we will be extending our service areas out to other cities and helping more people.